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About FertilityInc, since 1997

The Internet was "supposed to be big someday" when we launched our company. Since 1997, we have helped over 100 fertility centers and fertility organizations navigate their way through the Internet challenges. Recently, we have partnered with IVFdesign.com to manage branding, websites (like this one), social media, print and SEO. IVFdesign helps our customers focus on the changing and challenging Internet world.

In 1997, we started "FertilityNetwork.com". This led to some IVF leads for our customers, but ultimately the Internet determined that we are a 3rd party Reproductive recruiting service. As a result, many egg donor leads were generated by our services.

In 2006, we received a call from a customer in Phoenix who basically said, "You are sending us plenty of egg donor leads, can you develop something to help us organize them?". As a result, we developed our current flagship product, DonorApplication.com DonorApplication.com is a clear market leader in the field of third party reproductive software.

In 2013 we recognized the valuable service that DonorApplication provides, so we decided to develop a courtesy site for couples with frozen embryos, EmbryoNetwork.com This allows couples to record their medical histories today for potential use years from now. Upon request, their application can be provided to the appropriate medical location at no charge. At some time in the future, we may offer a marketing service to allow for online selection.

Our Next Products:

NextInstructions.com is a service that allows offices to securely provide custom, online instructions to their patients, virtually eliminating end of day phone calls to confirm adjustments in treatment.

IVF9.com is a sophisticated directory service that helps prospective patients understand the 9 main options that compliment IVF as the center of infertility treatment. In addition to being a comprehensive listing directory, it will provide a self service update for articles, pricing programs, videos, etc.

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Our Products 100+ Fertility Centers Helped Since 1997


SEO for fertility market with market exclusivities, strong recruiting for third party reproduction, industry icon since 1997


Cloud based egg donation management system currently processing over half all donor applications in USA, based on reported CDC cycles


Courtesy site to help patients undergoing IVF record their frozen application in the event they want to donate years from now


Comprehensive corporate branding, website development, social media, and print media services with off shore pricing


- Coming Soon -
Cloud based lab/doctor/patient communication tool to provide online resource to receive and confirm understanding of next instructions … additional dictation / transcription portal to EMR’s


- Coming Soon -
Professional directory for the USA fertility market with customer based information adjustments (articles, pricing programs, videos, etc.)

Fertility Network website

Solution: Fertility Network

Strong recruiting for third party reproduction

The Fertility Network started in 1997. Since it's inception it has contractually provided a market exclusivity for participating fertility centers and recently egg donation agencies. These markets are officially defined by county, but truly defined by "Internet search terms".

Although we are already strong in terms of "SEO" for keywords searches involving geography and egg donation terms, we are not satisfied. The market is telling us to adapt to the new "search world" with our icon product. We are making it a "responsive" site so that it is adaptable to phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and any other device the market may think is important.

  • Call Us at 513-273-5000 for an online demo.

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Donor Application website

Solution: Donor Application

Over 50% of Donor Egg Cycles

DonorApplication.com customers represent over half of all reported donor egg cycles. This product has virtually taken over egg donation. Over 100 customers use this product to recruit, process, present and document the previously complicated PDF and Word document world of offering an egg donation program.

Although it officially is not a "recruiting" tool, when you speak the online language of the 20-something year old, they participate. Everything else is "homework".

From the largest fertility center in the world to what could be the smallest, our service provides an affordable, customizable solution to any fertility center or egg donation agency providing a recruiting / eligibility / application / presentation / selection / documentation service.

  • Call Us at 513-273-5000 for an online demo.

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Embryo Network website

Solution: Embryo Network

In the event they want to donate years from now

EmbryoNetwork.com is currently a courtesy site, whereby everyone can participate without charge. When we realized the value that DonorApplication.com provided our customers, we also realized that we probably owned the only solution to potentially help all the couples with difficult decisions to make about frozen embryos. As a result, we decided to start the foundation of a potential solution that will involve multiple layers of cooperation from the industry to be a successful product for the industry.

We are not an embryo agency, fertility center, law firm, storage facility, etc. We are a software company in the fertility market. As we see it, here is our role on how we can help:

  •    For IVF patients undergoing treatment, they may end up with frozen embryos. If they are considering donating those embryos, the biological parents will need an “application” to share their medical history, similar to the egg donation application. The problems we are preventing are memory loss and decision making. If the application is already complete, it is easier for a couple to simply say “authorize”. Without this solution, a couple who decides to donate years from now will need to recall their medical history and current circumstances at the time of embryo creation.

  •    Years later, if a couple decided to donate their embryos and would like to provide access to their application to a medical facility, we will assist in making that happen.

  •    We will agree to provide the above for free as a courtesy to the industry. In the event there is sufficient IVF center cooperation and endorsement, we will develop a marketing service for online selection to help these couples. At this time, this service is free.

  • Call Us at 513-273-5000 for an online demo.

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We Design Your Communications From Logo Design to Web Design, including your company print material (cards, brochures, etc.)


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SOME OF OUR 100 CLIENTS Our Technical Expertise From Coast to Coast

  • RMA of Connecticut
  • ACRM Atlanta
  • Texas Fertility Center
  • Phoenix Advanced Fertility Center
  • Midwest Fertility Specialists
  • The Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte
  • Carolina Conceptions
  • Abington Reproductive Medicine

Why Choose Us? Here it is the 4 main reasons to trust us.


Since the early times of the Internet we have been side by side with the infertility market members.


Since the type of information is so sensitive we take the security on our servers seriously.

50% OF

DonorApplication.com customers represent over half of all reported donor egg cycles.


In all these years more than a hundred of IVF Clinics and Egg Donation Agencies already trust us.

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